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Our mission is to lead students to Jesus, empower them to serve, and nurture their love of learning.

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4 Reasons Adventist Schools Work

Student-Teacher Ratio


Most Adventist schools have a low student-teacher ratio. This allows for more individualized attention and instruction.

Academic Achievement


CognitiveGenesis, a four year study of 30,000 students enrolled in Seventh-day Adventist schools across North America found that students in Seventh-day Adventist schools achieve an average of half a grade above predicted ability in all subjects.

Higher Education


Students who attend Adventist schools are more likely to attend college. Over 85% of graduates from Adventist high schools attend college and over 80% of them complete college degrees—compared to 14% of public high school students.

Value Focus


Adventist schools focus on preparing students not just for success in this life, but for becoming people of character and integrity. The ultimate goal of each teacher is to help grow each student holistically, developing both strong interpersonal skills along with educational excellence.